Yvette Colbourne



Meet Yvette

Commissioner Colbourne


“Preparing for a career in Public Service”
Commissioner Colbourne holds a Master of Public Administration, and a Bachelor in Business Administration Degrees from Nova Southeastern University, and is an alumni of the Class of 2013 Good Government Initiative Program, University of Miami Leaders of Excellence Program for Elected Officials.


“I am humbled and honored”

Commissioner Yvette Colbourne is the recipient of the 2012 ICABA Award for The Most Accomplished Black Community Leaders and Entrepreneurs; the 2015 Legacy Magazine’s Award for One of the 50 Most Powerful and Influential Professionals in Business and Industry; the 2019 Rotary Club of Miramar-Pines, Paul Harris Fellow Award; the 2019 Broward Democrats “Leaders Who Shine” Award; the 2019 Galleon Foundation Distinguish Service Award; the 2020 COSMOS, Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations Community Bridge Builder Award.


“My passion comes from a deep desire to serve the community”
Commissioner Colbourne currently represents the City of Miramar on the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization Board, serves on the Broward League of Cities, Human Development Committee and is the Miramar Census Complete Count Committee, Co-Chair. Prior to being elected, Colbourne served as President of her Homeowner’s Association for 10 years, Vice Chair of the City of Miramar Economic Development Board, Member of the Civil Service Advisory Board, and served as a Member on the Broward County Diversity Committee.


“I have been a public servant for most of my adult life”
Commissioner Colbourne public service includes 30 years with Miami Dade County serving as a member of the County Executive Team that successfully managed a $600 million budget and up to 2,000 employees.

“I am a proud granddaughter of a Panama Canal builder”
The fabric of my work ethic comes from my upbringing in a hardworking family, My grandfather migrated from Jamaica to Panama to work on the Panama Canal. He married my grandmother who is also from Jamaican parents. Together they raised five girls, my mother being one of them. With the Jamaican culture deeply ingrained in her, my mother also chose a Jamaican as her husband, my father. Being the granddaughter of a Panama Canal builder gives me great pride.

Commission Work

“As a public servant, I work diligently to advocate on behalf of my constituents ensuring that opportunities and services are fair and equitable throughout the City.”

My colleagues and I have many accomplishments including the following:

  • Kept Miramar Taxes Low

  • Built a New Adult Day Care Center

  • Built a New Miramar Police Headquarters

  • Passing the Living Wage for Miramar Employees

  • Allocated $52 millions dollars to address flooding in Historic Miramar

  • Funded a new Fire Station

  • Hired more Police Officers and Firefighters

    *Currently building a new Police Substation Complex in Historic Miramar

    *Provided New Buses for Elderly Transportation

  • Built a New Childcare Center

  • Provided funds to address lake erosion

  • Invested over $20 Million Dollars for New Parks Improvements including: Harbor Lake Park

  • River Run Park, Forzano Park, Fairway Park, Lakeshore Park and many others.

  • Miramar Boulevard Beautification Project – Buffer Wall between University Drive and Douglas Road.


  • Provide funding for a commercial rehabilitation project in Historic Miramar.