Yvette’s Accomplishments

One Miramar

  • Sponsored an ordinance creating A Commission on the status of Women; providing for membership; providing for terms of office; providing for organization; providing for duties and powers; providing for adoption of representations; repealing all ordinances in conflict; providing for a severability clause; providing for inclusion in Code; and providing for an effective date.

  • Sponsored a resolution denouncing the killing of George Floyd and expressing the City’s intent that violent and disrespectful treatment of residents should never take place within the City of Miramar.

  • Sponsored a resolution opposing the implementation of employee furloughs; supporting the recommendations of the City Manager’s Memorandum to the City Commission dated April 24, 2020.

  • Sponsored a resolution in support of a modification to State of Florida Executive Order 20-52 to include the cessation of rock mine blasting during a State of Emergency due to COVID-19 or to take other appropriate and prudent action.

  • Amending Chapter 8 of the City Code entitled “Elections,” to include a new Section 8-4 “Swearing in of Newly Elected Mayor or Commissioners”; and providing for an effective date.

  • Sponsored an ordinance amending the City Code at Chapter 2 “Administration,” Article III “Boards, Committees and Commissions,” Division 1 “Generally,” Section 2-54 “Procedures for Commission appointment of members to boards, committees, authorities and agencies; procedure supplemental,” to require City board and committee members to resign from a City board position upon seeking elective political office; and providing for an effective date.

  • Sponsored a resolution supporting June 16, 2018 as Domestic Workers’ Day and encouraging the promotion of the fair treatment of domestic workers.

  • Sponsored a resolution supporting May 2018 as American Muslim Heritage Month.

  • Sponsored a resolution calling on the State of Florida, Governor Rick Scott, President Donald Trump, and the Federal Government to reduce gun violence in America and help prevent future mass shootings by requiring a background check for every firearm sale; supporting the passage of a Red Flag Law; supporting raising the age for legal purchase of firearms, magazines, and ammunition to 21; supporting the passage of legislation that would keep military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines away from our schools; urging the Florida Legislature to repeal the punitive punishments of elected official.

  • Sponsored a resolution expressing its disappointment with the alleged ill treatment of persons visiting the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Services (“ICE”), including the lack of restroom facilities, lack of shelter from the elements, and lack of adequate areas for sitting and waiting; requesting that ICE provide additional parking, and improve the facility by adding adequate restroom facilities, shelter, and sitting and waiting areas.

  • Sponsored a resolution urging President Donald Trump to continue Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”); urging the United States Congress to take action in support of DACA.

  • Sponsored a resolution recognizing the country of India’s Independence Day on August 15, 2017; supporting August 2017 as Indian American Heritage Month.

  • Sponsored a resolution supporting June 2017 as American Muslim Heritage Month.

  • Sponsored a resolution supporting House Bill 195 and Senate Bill 354 suggesting legislative changes to Sections 373.41492 and 552.30, Florida Statutes; urging the Florida Legislature and the Florida Governor to support House Bill 195 and Senate Bill 354: Construction Materials Mining Activities.

  • Sponsored a resolution supporting the Broward Cities Literacy Partnership Proposal.

  • Sponsored a resolution objecting to the blasting that is taking place near the City and causing damage to properties within the City, and directing the City attorney to investigate and research actions that can be taken by the City, including potential legislation and potential litigation, that would mitigate damage caused by blasting.

  • Sponsored an ordinance amending the City’s Code of Ordinances at Chapter 6 entitled “Animals”, to create Section 6-14 “Sale or Transfer of Dogs and/or Cats”; amending Section 6-1 “Definitions.

  • Sponsored an ordinance Establishing a Living Wage amending relevant City Code sections to allow for the payment of a living wage to part-time and full-time City Employees.